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DOS Made Easy was originally Published in 1996 by PHreAK Software. It was and still is, a straight forward tutorial on DOS. It didnt try to degrade you like other tutorial books with nonsense, it just put everything in common everyday terms.

Since the inception of DOS Made Easy, DOS has become obsolete, atleast people think, by Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and now ME. But DOS is still alive and living well in the bottom of your OS, with the exception of Windows NT and ME. But Windows NT and ME do have DOS emulation. We wont go into the technical details of why DOS in still hidden on your computer, we want to keep things EASY for you.

Believe it or not there are STILL computers out there that have DOS and Windows 3.0+ running on them! The chances of you actually seeing one of these computers are very slim but you might! The main reason for the republishing of this eBook is that you may need to do some things in a DOS window or REAL DOS MODE. Some things are still faster to do in DOS. For example:

When I want to sort file types located in one directory into different directories I ALWAYS do it in a DOS window using the move command.

This eBook covers DOS 6.1 some of the commands, like HELP, are not on the Window OSs but are on DOS 6.1. So if you try a command and you get the error "BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME" it just means that it isnt supported by your Windows version. Not a big deal. The Great commands are STILL there! We left them all in so you will be able to work in DOS on systems with DOS.

To get to a DOS window:
  • Click Start

  • Programs

  • Then look for MS DOS Prompt

To get a "real" DOS prompt:
  • Click Start
  • Shut Down
  • Restart in MS DOS Mode


-DOS Made Easy Staff