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Tips, Tricks & Hints

COMMAND/F - This will get rid of the "Abort, Retry, Fail" message that comes up. It will make them Fail as the default. You can use this in your AUTOEXEC.BAT or at the command line prompt.
SWITCHES=/F - If this command is placed in your CONFIG.SYS as the first line, DOS will not delay 2 seconds but will immediately start processing your CONFIG.SYS. I can't see a good use for this, except you save 2 seconds, but you might.
PATH=C:\... - This command placed in your CONFIG.SYS will allow you to exceed the normal path length limited by your AUTOEXEC.BAT. The path won't display correctly via PATH or SET but it still works fine. Were the 3 dots ( ... ) are you put the normal path statement.
DIR, - This command will display all the files in the current directory, including hidden files.
DIR.. - This command display what is in the previous directory.
DIR... - This command displays the subdirectories that are located in the current director.
MOUSE/U - This command put in your CONFIG.SYS loads all but 3.3K of the of the mouse driver into HMA. This makes an older mouse driver but it uses less RAM. Who cares though, as long as it works!
MEM/A - This command gives information on the first MEG of memory.
COPY. - This is the same as COPY *.* . If it was followed by A: it would copy everything to the A: drive.
DEL. - This is the same as DEL *.*.

To hide a directory all you have to do is type:


To get it back just substitute +H with a -H.